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"Taking care of the mind in health and disease"

The foundation's primary mission is to provide information and support to the patients and their families after brain injury in Europe first and later internationally. Indeed, many patients and families have reported the feeling of being isolated, powerless and misunderstood in the care process. Mind Care is also committed to optimize access to facilities and caregivers through close collaboration with healthcare establishments. With a motivated and inspiring community, Mind Care aims to make available current scientific and technological knowledge in order to create a bridge between clinicians and researchers and patients and their families. Mind Care is also dedicated to promoting a “healthy mind” via the promotion of scientific research on mindfulness, trance and hypnosis. It also aims to provide events and workshop related to the different topics.

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Co-founder forword

As a neurologist and scientist taking care of coma patients and their families for more than 20 years, I often feel helpless in the face their journeys following a coma. Over time, with the help of my dedicated multidisciplinary team, I was able to establish solid medical expertise as well as a large network of competent professionals. But this is not enough, a broader and more human aspect is missing in the care that is provided to these patients. I aim to offer an integrative approach that takes into account not only the medical data, but also the psychological and social aspects. The idea of this foundation then came to me. I saw it as an opportunity to offer a space for getting information and also support through a community where all those who are going through a similar experience could finally find a place for sharing. The foundation also offers the opportunity to be surrounded by health professionals and scientists. I hope that Mind Care can bring forword disorders of consciousness after a coma, a theme so often neglected, and that it can best meet the needs of these people and their loved ones. The latter, who sometimes feel forgotten or neglected, need us to understand the medical reality and to find their new place in society.

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Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos

Consciousness in babies | Steven Laureys | TEDxFlandersWomen

Steven Laureys : Le cerveau et la conscience

Steven Laureys : La mort imminente


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